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Rane MP26 Club Mixer

Model: MP26

Rane MP26 Club Mixer
Rane MP26 Club Mixer
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About: Rane MP26 Club Mixer

The Rane MP26 Mixer satisfies the audio and ergonomic demands of performing DJs in a 19˝ rack format preferred by nightclubs, with a shallow design that drops into a mobile rig. The MP25 (4U high) and MP26 (5U high) come from the same USB mixer design, with the MP26 adding internal digital effects.

Sporting two microphone inputs, four studio-grade phono preamps, four analog aux inputs, four low-latency stereo USB inputs, analog and USB effects insert loops, internal effects processor, and a variety of analog and digital outputs; the MP26 remains rooted in analog tradition while reaching new heights of digital connectivity.

Reliable, low-latency, multi-client ASIO and Core Audio drivers interface the MP26's twenty-two USB audio channels directly to your favorite multi-track mixing, beat-making, looping, effects, and recording applications. Additionally, the MP26's front panel controls are MIDI enabled, allowing manipulation of software parameters directly from the mixer's control surface.


  • Four individually switchable stereo Phono/Line inputs.
  • Four stereo Auxiliary inputs.
  • Four stereo USB playback inputs.
  • Two microphone inputs with optional Talkover ducking:
    • One with front and rear panel connectors.
    • One with a line-level input option.
    • Engage a mic to put it into the mix, or engage Talkover to put the mic in the mix and duck all other sources. Talkover makes it easy to jump into the mix for quick, intelligible announcements.


  • Stereo Main Outputs on balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA:
    • Rear panel Mono/Stereo switch.
    • Rear panel Max Out level attenuator.
  • Stereo balanced 1/4" TRS Zone and Booth outputs:
    • Auto-mono output on both Left and Right jacks.
  • Stereo Record outputs on RCA, S/PDIF and USB

USB Features:

  • 22 streaming USB audio channels:
    • Four stereo playback channels stream audio directly from your favorite playback, mixing, beat-making, and looping applications through the program channels to the MP26's digital mixer engine.
    • Four stereo record channels stream the four post-fader program channels to your audio application for multi-track recording.
    • A fifth stereo record channel streams Mic 1, Mic 2, or the Main Mix (selected in the computer's control panel) to your recording application.
  • The USB Effects Loop enables insertion of any available stereo computer-based VST effects processors into the MP26's powerful FlexFX bus.
  • Low-latency ASIO / Core Audio drivers eliminate delay between the control input to audio software and the audible result.
  • Multiclient ASIO / Core Audio drivers allow multiple software applications to simultaneously stream audio to and from the mixer.
  • The MP26 MIDI device exposes the MP26 front panel as a MIDI controller, allowing control of audio application parameters using the mixer's control surface.
  • MP26 only: Sync MP26 internal effects to audio applications using MIDI beat clock. is a Canadian authorized Rane retailer.

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