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Hercules DJConsole RMX2 Black-Gold


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About: Hercules DJConsole RMX2 Black-Gold

Key Features

2-deck rugged metal DJ controller
• Controls 2 virtual decks + virtual mixer
• Rugged casing in black steel

Impressive DJ controls
• Pressure-detecting jog wheels
• 8 progressive pads
• 2 vu-meters for deck levels

The best of DJ audio standards
• 2 balanced XLR Out for master
• 2 RCA out for booth
• Previewing output: 2 headphones + 2 RCA
• Inputs: 2 stereo inputs

Versatile DJ control
• Mix computer track and external audio
• Controls: scratch on jog, remix on pads
• Audio: balanced out for PA systems, RCA out for monitors, 2 headphones outputs, mic. in, phono/line inputs


Golden Style

Add gold to your visual show
• Appealing gold and black design
• Golden glints on jog wheels and caps
• Golden markings

Fast control
• Tact switches in transport keys => the shortest travel of transport buttons
• True velocity pads = instant trigger
• USB high-speed = fast protocol

Golden audio performance
• Remix your tracks with pads
• Samples play in sync. with the tracks
• You always mix on the beat.

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