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Reloop iPhono 2 Phono/Line USB Interface

Model: IPHONO2

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About: Reloop iPhono 2 Phono/Line USB Interface

The description of the Reloop iPhono 2 could not be more appropriate: "Digitize your vinyl tracks for playing with any current DJ software.....quickly and easily." The process of filing your irreplaceable vinyl collection just became a piece of cake. By plugging a turntable into the Reloop iPhono 2 USB audio interface, and then connecting this to a computer (PC or Mac), precious vinyl rarities can now be recorded digitally in crystal clear CD quality thanks to the high-quality digital drivers. It goes without saying that any other audio sources, such as tape decks or Minidisc players can also be connected to the interface for recording.

Variety of connection options

But there’s more! Why not hook up a mixer to the Reloop iPhono 2 and record your entire DJ set to your computer? The mix can then be instantly uploaded to share with others online, or could just as easily be burnt to a CD for physical distribution – the possibilities are endless. The Reloop iPhono 2 even comes with a full copy of PCDJ DJ LE software and a sample pack from Loop Masters.

Get digital. Get the Reloop iPhono2!

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