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Rane SL 2 for Serato Scratch Live

Model: SL2

Rane SL 2 for Serato Scratch Live
Rane SL 2 for Serato Scratch Live
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About: Rane SL 2 for Serato Scratch Live

The Rane SL series of interfaces with Serato Scratch Live set the standard for vinyl emulation. The SL 2 advances the technology found in the original SL 1 with these improvements:

  • CD / Phono input switch on the SL 2 box.
  • Superior sounding 24-bit converters.
  • Hotter 3 Vrms input and output.
  • 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rate selected in software.
  • ASIO / Core Audio drivers for 3rd-party support.
  • Smaller and more compact die-cast design.

The Rane SL 2 gives you the freedom to take your entire digital music collection on the road with advanced features that add extra creativity to your DJing. This intuitive system replicates the traditional DJing experience for "real feel" usability. Low latency means the response time from touching the decks to hearing an audio signal is extremely fast. Serato engineers developed system level audio drivers that allow accurate and reliable operation at faster speeds than any other similar package.

The Rane SL 2 USB interface connects one or two standard vinyl or CD turntables to your computer using a single USB cable and audio connections to line inputs on your DJ mixer.

The Rane SL 2 is only sold as part of a complete package. The display box includes:

  • 1 SL 2 Interface
  • 1 Serato Scratch Live Software Install Disc.
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 4 Stereo RCA Cables
  • 2 Control CDs
  • 2 Control Vinyl Records
  • 4 Rubber Feet for the SL 2
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Operators Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card

PLEASE NOTE: These are the minimum requirements to run Scratch Live with the SL 2. For best performance and for use in professional situations we recommend you buy a higher spec computer. We also recommend Intel processors.

  • Available USB 2.0 port.
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher.
  • Hard drive space for music: 5400 RPM minimum, 7200 RPM recommended for high resolution audio playback.


  • 2GHz Intel Core Duo.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • OSX 10.5.8 or higher.


  • 2.2GHz Intel Core Duo.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or
  • Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 or
  • Windows 7. We recommend Windows 7 over Vista.

*If you have a large library, you will benefit from having more RAM

UPC: 687499176487 is a Canadian authorized Rane retailer.

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Warranty: Rane SL 2 for Serato Scratch Live Warranty:

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1 year warranty