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QSC K8 Outdoor Cover


QSC K8 Outdoor Cover
QSC K8 Outdoor Cover
QSC K8 Outdoor Cover
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About: QSC K8 Outdoor Cover

Nylon fabric and mesh cover for temporary outdoor use of K8 (K10, K12) in adverse weather. Removable amplifier panel allows access to connectors and controls. Vented panel maintains airflow for proper heat management. Not intended for permanent outdoor installation or sustained severe weather conditions.

UPC: 684284058478 is a Canadian authorized QSC retailer.

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Warranty: QSC K8 Outdoor Cover Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

3-year limited warranty.

Promotional 6-year warranty: For an additional 3 years of warranty on all amplifiers GX, RMX, PLX, PLX2, and on HPR and K Series powered loudspeaker products, register on the QSC web site.