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Middle Atlantic LT-GN-PNL Gooseneck Light


Middle Atlantic LT-GN-PNL Gooseneck Light
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About: Middle Atlantic LT-GN-PNL Gooseneck Light

These bright rack lights (187 Lumens*) allow for more rack visibility, and the flexible strong goosenect lets you direct the light where it is needed most. The reliable, long lasting LEDs have a 20,000 hour bulb life, and these lights include an on/off button for instant control. Available as 120V adapter, or as a rackmount panel with dual gooseneck lights.

Now Featuring:

  • Longer lasting light for long-term reliability - now with 20,000 hour bulb life
  • Eight state-of-the art LEDs provide high output with low heat and power usage

UPC: 656747122750 is a Canadian authorized Middle Atlantic retailer.

Reviews: Middle Atlantic LT-GN-PNL Gooseneck Light

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Warranty: Middle Atlantic LT-GN-PNL Gooseneck Light Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

<ul> <li>Sheet Metal, Aluminum, Plastic: Lifetime plus one year</li> <li>Casters: 7 years</li> <li>Slides, Lift Systems, Hinged Products, Products that Rotate: 3 years</li> <li>Lighting, Temperature, Cooling &amp; Controlled Product: 3 years</li> <li>Glass Doors or Products containing LCD Screens: 1 year</li> <li>Thermo-Laminate, Melamine: 7 years</li> <li>High Pressure Laminate (HPL): 10 years</li> <li>Veneer: 10 years</li> <li>Standard Rack Mount or Vertical Power: 3 years</li> <li>Series Production: 12 years</li> <li>UPS: 3 years</li> <li>UPS - Batteries: 2 years</li> <li>PowerCore, ISO Transformers: 5 years</li> <li>Powered Cable Assemblies: 3 years</li> <li>Unpowered Cable Assemblies: Lifetime</li> <li>Wiremold: 1 year&nbsp;</li> </ul>

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