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Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo Carpeted Puzzle Deck

Model: VSolo-D

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About: Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo Carpeted Puzzle Deck

Outfit your V-Cart Solo, Solo XL, or Solo Lite with these Carpeted Puzzle Decks to create a solid and secure loading surface. Built out of 3/4" CNC-machined medium density fiberboard (1/2" for Solo Lite) hand-wrapped with tough industrial-grade speaker carpeting all around, our heavy-duty decks effortlessly handle that daily beating or weekend haul without a whimper.

With a unique puzzle-like fit on either the Solo or XL configuration, the Decks interlock with the cart's shape and onto each other to stay put and keep your gear securely on-board, preventing small or loose items from falling through. The convenient handle on the Solo Deck also doubles as a strap-down feature when tied onto the V-Cart's bottom frame strap.

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