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Whirlwind Fan Snake 12 XLRF to 12 XLRM -10ft

Model: MT-12-F-M-10

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About: Whirlwind Fan Snake 12 XLRF to 12 XLRM -10ft

Each Multitrack Medusa is constructed of Whirlwind multipair cable with a heat-shrunk fanout at each end, and is available with optional Snakeskin® for an extra charge. An alternative construction uses individually jacketed (IJ) Canare wire with Snakeskin®fanouts standard.

Choose from 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 line configurations (other channel counts available special order) and Whirlwind XLRs, RCA Phono plugs or 1/4" TRS plugs.

Each fanout can be specified with distinct connector types and signal polarity. When the same type of connector is specified at each end, wiring is pin to pin. Wire mesh hanger grips can be ordered as an option.

UPC: 692465003308 is a Canadian authorized Whirlwind retailer.

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