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BRTB VEAM-f > XLR-m Splay

Model: VLV12FX

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About: BRTB VEAM-f > XLR-m Splay

VEAM-f > XLR-m Splay
• VIPER “L” constructed with Eurocable LKSSA series cable
• VIPER constructed with BRTB Contour 25xx series cable
• Swiss made Neutrik male XLR (NC3MXX)
• Tourmate female VEAM
• PVC tubing added to Splay for added protection
• Handcrafted in North America and 100% Tested
• Note: Comes with 3” Clear unshrunk heat shrink
* Collar on Female, for other configurations contact us
* VEAM caps and hanger optional is a Canadian authorized BRTB retailer.

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